Roadmap to Hope and Help. For where you are. For what you need.

Our vision is simple: Assist families in helping differently enabled people reach their greatest potential and experience meaningful lives through Christ.

We understand that life with a differently enabled person presents a maze of challenges to navigate. We’ve walked the path ourselves and learned much along the way.

Our desire is to walk the journey with you, provide guidance, encouragement, access to resources and most importantly prayer as a roadmap to hope and help.

What We Do

We offer Christ-centered hope by assisting with life management skills through one on one counseling that equips you with tools, resources and information to help you identify and attain your goals.


We equip you with methods and tools. Then we coach you on using them to accomplish tasks and effectively communicate with healthcare providers

Prayer & Encouragement

We offer compassion, encouragement and most importantly prayer, as we share and experience the love of God together.


We connect you with others who have walked your path and can guide you along the way.


We show you how to build a long term support system that acts as a lifeline on your journey.


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